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Elastomeric Dieheads

Crossheads suitable for Elastomeric materials are available in various sizes for Insulation,Filling and Sheathing of a full range of cable sizes.
The heads are of a modern design, manufactured from high quality tool steels with streamlined flowpaths designed to give an even distribution of material around the die and eliminating stagnation within the diehead.
Provision is made for the radial adjustment of the die holder and the longitudinal movement of the core tube allowing correct alignment and position of the tip & die.
The head is supplied complete with a sample tip & die along with tappings for the attachment of Melt Temperature and Melt Pressure transducers.
Crosshead adapters and Breaker plates are available for the connection of the crossheads to a full range of extruder sizes.
Elastomeric Crossheads are jacketed for either water or oil circulation from temperature controlled heat / cool units, depending on the production temperature of the extrudate required.
Crossheads for CV lines are fitted with adapters to allow connection to the Splice Box.
Crossheads up to 40mm die diameter are typically mounted on a hinge support supplied with the extruder, larger crossheads are mounted on wheeled trolleys.
Designs are available for assisting the operators using larger Crossheads by supporting the core tube and, using hydraulic cylinders to aid its removal.
Optional features include adapters for striping applications.
A full range of crossheads are also available for dual or triple layer extrusion applications.